Roadmap to Navigating Divorce: 6 weeks to Happily Even After

This book is a guide for anyone who is planning a divorce or is getting divorced and is feeling lost, confused and angry and doesn’t know what the next steps should be.

Most of us have no idea how to navigate our way out of a painful relationship or manage to live happily even after it is over. Divorce is not something that any married person ever really plans for. However the reality is that the divorce rates have doubled in India over the last two decades and doubled again over the last two years.

Many women are not willing to stay on any longer in abusive or violent marriages or where there is infidelity. They are looking to create a new and better future for themselves and also for their children if they have any.

People in your life might give you a wide variety of advice based on their personal perspective, experience or concerns. But most people in your life are not likely to be experts on divorce. There is no information or guidance available to such women which creates fear of the unknown, confusion and
emotional health issues.

Divorce is still seen as an ugly and taboo word.

But do you know what is worse, even uglier and should be a bigger taboo?

Staying stuck in a relationship which is loveless, abusive, dead or indifferent!

Don’t waste your one precious life on a relationship that does not elevate, inspire or fulfil you.

Divorce is the end of a marriage, not the end of life!

Are you dealing with a divorce, breakup or loneliness inside an unfulfilling relationship?

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